4 Tips On Preparing Your Lawn For Spring

Spring is here in Toronto! At P. McConnell Contracting, the following are landscaping services that we like to recommend before your first grass cut to help you achieve a healthier, greener lawn:

  1. A Spring cleanup
  2. De-thatch lawn
  3. Aerate
  4. Apply a Spring Fertilizer

1. Spring Clean up.


A Spring clean up is the first essential part of getting your property ready for the growing season. Your cleanup should include, removing any remaining garbage, leaves, sticks and twigs from lawn and garden areas, the cutting of any perennial stocks and flowers (i.e. grasses, coneflowers, hydrangea, etc) that were left over the winter, and the pruning of trees and/or shrubs.

2. De-thatch lawn.


Thatch is the layer of dead grass and other vegetation that accumulates between the soil surface and the tips of the grass of our lawn. Removing this layer of dead vegetation helps promote air flow which reduces fungal growth, as well as increases water access to the soil. To remove the thatch layer, you can either give your lawn a stiff raking, or use a thatching machine. You will be amazed at how much material you find buried in your lawn!

3. Aerate.


Over the winter months, the top soil ground under your grass can become a dense, compacted layer which can hamper grass growth. Aerating is the process of perforating (poking holes) in the top soil layer to allow nutrients and water into the soil. It also promotes air flow reducing fungal growth.

4. Apply a Spring Fertilizer. 


In the Spring, your lawn is recovering from the long winter season. To help promote quick growth and a lush green colour, we recommend using a fertilizer high in nitrogen (the first number on the fertilizer label). 

Follow these 4 tips and you will have the basis for a clean, green and healthy lawn all season long.

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