3 Tips For A Nicer Lawn

3 tips for a nicer lawn:

As an Etobicoke based landscaping company, the most common question we receive from customers is ‘how can I have a nicer lawn?’ Our answer is almost always the same;



and 3) WATER!

This summer in Toronto has been particularly rough for plants. We have received far below average rainfall amounts for each month so far this spring/summer season (April: 36.70mm/63mm, May: 34.20mm/73mm, June: 26.40mm/72mm; actual/average) and the trend is looking to continue. Combine this with extremely high temperatures and we have had drought like conditions (data from https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/forecasts/statistics/ontario/toronto and http://toronto.weatherstats.ca/charts/rain-1year.html).

Because grass is not showy like flowers or shrubs, it is often overlooked. However, in today’s urban landscape, grass occupies more yard space than gardens. And like all plants, it requires regular watering to perform well. See below for our watering tips:

  • Water lightly for 15-30 minutes allowing for water absorption through the top soil layer and around the roots while reducing wasted run-off.
  • If possible, water in the morning (between 6-10 a.m.). There is more time for your lawn to absorb the most water and dry over the course of the day.
  • Avoid watering at night. Watering at night increases the risk of fungal growth as damp/moist conditions persist over longer periods
  • If possible, avoid watering during the hottest part of the day (11 a.m. – 4 p.m.). There is a greater chance of water being lost to evaporation from the sun and/or from stronger winds.

If these tips are followed, you will find you only need to water your lawn every couple days.

If your lawn has gone dormant (brown from drought), there is still hope! Grass goes dormant during periods of stress (drought, cold, heat) and will respond when conditions become more favourable. Start a watering schedule, beginning with watering more regularly (up to everyday) until you see a change in your lawn. After, settle into a more infrequent watering schedule to enjoy a nice lawn for the remainder of the season.

Good luck and happy gardening from the 'PMC' Team!

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